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Age fraud by Chinese government?

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

You can check yourself – if the information is still up.  Here is the explanation:


Here are the caches:

Cache 1

Cache 2

Here are the screenshots, in case the caches get pulled:

One spreadsheet Spreadsheet 2 showing age difference

So, sadly but not surprisingly, it does appear China is lying about the ages of at least one of their gymnasts.  I don’t care about the medal count, don’t really care about gymnastics, but I am sad that this cheating incident is being ignored by the Olympic commission at a time when drugs and cheating are such a huge issue.

Update: Fixed links, and want to note that now the IOC is investigating.  Let’s hope we can move on – all countries have athletes that have cheated at times, and there is the very good point that it is sad to see such young girls (whether the allegations are true or not) having to go through such a public trial.  Let’s hope the sports governing bodies do their job and the rest of us can get back to enjoying the stories, performances, and successes of the Olympics.