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Rubric 2 Theme

This page will be the tracker for the Rubric 2 theme, updated by Vkaryl, previously updated by Tom Raftery. This page is in draft status, so please check back in a day or so for more information. While the theme is still a work in progress, it is now perfectly usable. I have several enhancements I’d like to make, thus creating the “Perfect Theme”. ;) If you don’t feel like waiting forever, though, go ahead and give the Rubric theme a try. I’m using the version here, so if you see what you like, you know what you’re going to get.
I found a site that is running a custom version of Rubric – yay! Hopefully this theme will end up giving Rubric fans the 2.0 fun they’re missing out on. :P

WARNING: Use the download link at your own peril. I have just got the theme working for me, and still need to clean it up. Use this download link only if you’re desperate, and can’t wait a few days. Otherwise, just bookmark me and come back soon. The theme should now be ready to throw happily on your site. If you run into issues please let me know!

Download it here: rubric205.7z. It can be opened using the free and efficient tool from 7-zip.org.

Update (2006-08-23): The sidebar is better-looking now, and the file has been cleaned up some (though not completely). Also, I think the comments are missing here, so you can comment on my main blog or otherwise contact me. As I said, this is a draft page, so please check back over the next week or so for more improvements and information.

Update (2006-08-28): Several changes:

  • Navigation links display cleanly on single pages, don’t overlap titles or each other. (Added missing classes to stylesheet).
  • Removed extraneous (that means extra :P ) images from package. May add a few back in later when rotate.php works properly.
  • Added sidebar to single post pages. There is a version in the package without sidebars if you prefer. Just rename single.php to single_sidebar.php, rename single_no-sidebar.php to single.php, and upload the new files. Or contact me if you have questions.
  • Got the main page to validate for CSS and XHTML transitional. (Despite the fact that I barely know what any of that means. :P )
  • That’s all I remember. I’m going to have to take better notes, or find a good file comparer….

Things still on the to-do list:

  • Remove or cleanup the sidenote code. Probably remove, and leave it for a later plugin.
  • Make sure other pages validate.
  • Get the footer to display below the sidebar on single pages (as an option at least).
  • Get a rotating header.
  • (Much, much later, when my web-coding skills are powerful and scary) customize widgets some for the theme. Top goal: nice ‘subscribe’ widget on top of the sidebar. Mine’s currently on the bottom due to some bad IE effects…


Apparently getting the code to validate fixed one of the IE display issues I was having. Yay! Also, the download link above works again (it was down since my last update). Shame on me…


Added a comment field to this page.  If you’re using or trying out the theme, let me know below.  Any requests you’ve been wanting to make, or feedback to offer?  Now’s your chance!

2009-02-06 – 2.05

  • Removed script tag in header file that linked to this site.  I’m tired of seeing other people’s traffic numbers.  :)
  • Also added ‘pre’ tag (thanks to shreevatsa), but this is experimental and needs testing.  For the time being, the 2.04 version will remain in place as well until I am satisfied with 2.05.
  • 2.04 and 2.05 both work with the latest WP version (2.7), as far as I know.  If you find any problems please let me know.

13 Responses to “Rubric 2 Theme”

  1. vale Says:


    Very nice theme, but I have probblems with Explorer7, the links are more far away from each oter,and this makes the side bar very long. And the immage (pen) disappears. Do you have some advice?

    PS: A 3 columns Rubric will be nice.

  2. vale Says:


    Very nice theme. But I get some probblems with R204:
    – the links are more far away from each other, and this makes the side bar very long.
    – I have probblems with Explorer7, when I use it the immage (pen) disappears and needs long time
    for open the site, and some time Explorer7 even doesn’t open it.
    – I think than the searchbox is better on the top of the sidebar


    PS: 3 columns Rubric will be nice.

  3. vale Says:


    and the sidebar appears only in the home page.


  4. stephen.christopher Says:

    vale – that’s a great point, I hadn’t tested it with IE7 yet. I will look for time to do that shortly, so I can figure out what is causing the bugs you reported.

    As far as 3-column layout, there are many good, fluid, 3-column themes. I was explicitly looking for a 2-column theme when I “adopted” Rubric. Do a search and you should find some good options.

    Thanks much for the feedback. I’ll update this page as soon as I test and fix the IE7 bugs.

  5. S Says:


    This is a great theme; the only thing that would be nice is if it handled “pre” tags nicely, without widening the page. (The following themes: Blix Cutline Fauna Freshy and Hemingway handle them, by putting the code in a scrollable field.)

  6. stephen.christopher Says:

    Thanks S, I’ll have to look into how to handle that better.

  7. shreevatsa Says:

    Hi, (I’m the previous poster)

    I looked up what other themes do, and the way to do it seems to be to put:
    pre {
    in the CSS of the theme. For some strange reason, when I try it, it sometimes shows the scroll bar and sometimes doesn’t, but at least it does make it scrollable and does not make it overflow into large areas.

    [See here for what the problem in Rubric is currently, without that fix.]


    PS: I still think this is the best theme I’ve seen :-)

  8. stephen.christopher Says:

    shreevatsa, thanks for the feedback! I’ll have to update the theme when I get a chance.

  9. stephen.christopher Says:

    I started having strange sites pop up in my Google Analytics results – turns out I left a scripting line in one of my header files. That’s been removed in 205, I’m also looking at adding the pre tag graciously shared by shreevatsa.

    I wonder if WP’s done anything with theme packaging/sharing recently. Last I looked it was a bit of a mess, hopefully it’s a little cleaner now. So much to do, so little time.

  10. Confessions of a Counter Clerk » Confessions of a Counter Clerk is bought to you courtesy of… Says:

    [...] Theme The theme used in this blog isn’t available on the usual WordPress pages. I found it while searching the internet and it seems appropriate. Notice the black pen with the red top lol. Available at http://www.ransomedhome.com/blog/code-themes-plugins/rubric-2-theme [...]

  11. JR Batson Says:

    The pen image is not showing up, and I can’t seem to find where to check if it’s there. Which file relates to this image?

  12. cioiulescu Says:

    the widgets are displaying soldly on my poage. How can I make them transparent like on the WordPress.com Theme ?

    Thank you in advance,

  13. ram32 Says:

    There is no sidebar on my blog (WordPress 3) with this theme on any post. Sidebar is present only on frontpage =(

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