A Random Pattern

Kids and volumes: would you like earplugs with that?

Selah only has 2 volumes:

SCREAMING!   and    let’s talk ever so gently.

Unfortunately for us, her normal volume is the first one.   We only recently discovered the second one, and it only appears in the rarest of instances: when she is full enough to stop eating long enough to talk, but hungry enough that her attention is still mainly on her food.  Unfortunately, this coveted period of ear-healing only occurs for a few minutes each night at the dinner table.

Any suggestions (besides ear plugs, I’ve already got those ;) )?

Actually, what I really want to know is if this is normal, or if there’s something we’ve somehow done drastically wrong?  I keep hoping this is a phase, and one day soon Selah will wake up and talk in a normal voice.  Someone out there give me some hope …  :D

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  1. Mom Says:

    Well I don’t know if it will happen overnight, but I do extend hope that Selah will gradually learn to tone things down. One thing I remember doing with one of you kids (don’t recall which one – or perhaps it was all of you :-)) was telling you (quietly, so the child must be quiet to hear!) that I can’t hear you when you’re too loud, and if you want my attention you must talk quietly. Over time it works – but again, consistency is key.
    Enjoy this stage – even with all the screaming it’s a fun age :-)

  2. stephen.christopher Says:

    Yes, Selah is being unbearably cute lately. She likes to come over and get hugs periodically while she’s playing. She also will parrot just about anything we say.

    Tessa’s fun too – she has an incredible imagination! We’ve brought a “pet pig” with us to Walmart, and recently we’ve had a “pet dog” that Tessa “takes” with her everywhere. She’ll make up songs and stories pretty much daily.

    You’ll enjoy getting to see them soon. There’s hope for Selah, btw. She quiets down significantly when not in the house, and even in the house the last day or two she’s been a lot quieter most of the time.

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