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Beautiful Video Ad

Apple should hire these guys – this video is more beautiful than the iPod ads.   Check it out here:


I have never been too interested in “The Big Apple”.  I don’t like cities, but I do like people.  This unofficial ad for the iPhone made me, for the first time, really see the appeal in New York, New York.  It is truly an inspired work of art.

It helps that I want an iPhone also.

2 Responses to “Beautiful Video Ad”

  1. Matthew Says:

    I think we all want an iPhone. Unfortunately, I can’t afford the iPhone and the fee Verizon will charge me for an early release from my plan. I think the exclusive deal with AT&T may be the one factor that will hurt the iPhone, if its sales can indeed be hurt. The hype around it is great, but I really don’t believe it can change society the way the iPod did, so long as users don’t have a choice of cell phone providers.

  2. step Says:

    Funnily enough, I’m typing this from an iPhone. Not my own unfortunately. :)

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