A Random Pattern

NaNoWriMo Excerpt: Sanctuary

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…the other three’s thoughts rushed over her.  They had stopped cloaking completely.  She turned, looking for them.

They were doing lazy loops up near the surface, though not so near as to be easily seen from above.  At least, Alex and Xero were.  She reached out with her gravity sense and found Muuld, over against one of the walls, eating.  Her hunger pangs struck again and she swam over to join him.

“Is it all safe to eat?” she asked, eyeing him.  He was using some type of tool to scrape along the surface, pulling off plants and eating them.  Some he was also shoving into a bag.  “Wait, where’d you get that bag?”

“Ah, you’ve found my secret!  No, actually this is why Alex picked this location.  We’ve used it before, the Invisible Remnant has.  We keep a few supplies here.  Alex figured we could use the bag.  I agree whole-heartedly, the diet has been rather slimmer than normal lately.  We normally start out a little better provisioned.”  He realized what he’d said too late, and hastily tried to correct himself “Uh, not that we don’t ever, err, leave like that. Sometimes you just go with the flow.  I think the exercise and diet’s probably been good for me anyway, I’m one of the runners so I really need to keep fit and fast.  Surprises are good” he finished lamely .

I rather wish you could read the rest of this section.  I’m quite happy with it, needed edits notwithstanding.  This is probably the last break my hapless crew are going to get.  Unfortunately there are dark days ahead of them.

By the time you read this excerpt, my crew will have been forced to leave here early as well.  They may have lost and gained members of their group.  I will hopefully be nearing 40k, and also trying desperately to wrap up the story towards the big finale.

It is strange that 17 days into this daily writing adventure, I am still fluctuating – sometimes on a minute-by-minute basis – with whether I love the story, hate the story, think it’s an good, or want to throw it all away as junk.  This must be the joy of NaNoWriMo.  I wouldn’t give the adventure of writing it up for anything.  It’s been an immensely rewarding practice, even if I am exhausted at times, and consumed at other times.  Now if only I can produce something excellent out of it, I’ll be really satisfied.

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