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rdesktop on Mac, connect to Windows

Monday, August 21st, 2006

Interested in getting a Remote-Desktop-type setup to work?  I’m overdue for another post on the Ubuntu and Kubuntu methods of doing this, but in the meantime here’s a good link for setting up between a Mac and a Windows PC.  It uses rdesktop, as the Microsoft client for Mac is apparently not very good.

Another bogus Mac security claim

Monday, August 21st, 2006

There’s been a good amount of unreasonableness over Mac OS security the last year or two. Here’s how it looks to me:

Mac “attack”: Look, another security hole / trojan / blatant problem! Macs aren’t Invincible!

Mac “defender”: No one ever said Macs are invincible, but your security hole / trojan / blatant problem actually isn’t. Here’s the reasons. Blah blah blah.
Mac “attack”: I was attacked by Mac zealots, but the basic point is that Macs aren’t invincible and you should practice ‘safe computing’. (Oh, and the details on that problem I mentioned are that it’s actually not a problem, but blah blah blah.)
Mac “defender”: @#)*$U@#%&U@

Throughout the discourse, a healthy set of mindless parrots (bloggers) and trolls give each side adequate cause to go off the tracks into ranting, and inevitably some on each side do so.

Anyways, the point is to bring you to this story on the latest Mac security brouhaha. Daring Fireball provides some really good technical reporting on the subject of Apple, though unfortunately the writing is sprinkled with “colorful” references (swearing, people, it’s never professional or necessary). Anyways, John Gruber has done an excellent job laying out the sequence of events and finding the culprits in the latest “security crisis”.

Honestly, I was surprised to not have found an intelligent write-up on this before now. John clearly identifies the terms that have been bandied about in confusion, and provides all the context and links necessary to make sense of the mess that the initial story caused. Shame, once again, on someone trying to implicate OS X in a security scandal purely to enhance their reputation. I hope their reputation suffers the damage it deserves, as shoddy journalism should always be exposed and discouraged.
For those that may already be composing flaming replies: I already know the Mac is not invincible. If your comment is sufficiently bone-headed, I will delete it.

A-List? Who cares? Mostly the B and C bloggers….

Monday, August 21st, 2006

Interesting quote:

I would put it to you that an ‘ideal A-List’ set (and yes, we’re always going to have a ‘head of the long tail’ somewhere) should consist of bloggers who were influential for their own merits and not because of the number of people who want to see where they will link to next. It would also consist of people who write well about their subject matter – be it informatively, entertaingly, whatever.

Have to say I’m not too worried about A-list bloggers, for exactly the reasons he lays out. Besides, I think it will normalize, and is in the process of doing so. Or maybe that’s just my lazy-fair (bad spelling intended) attitude since I know I won’t ever be on the A-list. :P

Writeup – and pictures – of Leopard

Monday, August 21st, 2006

If you’re interested in the new Apple OS that will be out next spring, check out ThinkSecret.com.  They’ve got a good write-up and several pictures identifying what’s changed so far.  Don’t spout your disappointment in the comments, because I’m fairly confident that we’re going to see a lot more in the final product.

Learning to Talk

Monday, August 21st, 2006

On the way home from church, the girls had an interesting conversation.

Tessa (the older one):  Selah, say “Yes”

Selah (the toddler): Yes!

Tessa:  Selah, say “Yes!”

Selah: (with even more gusto) Yes!!

Tessa: (laughing) Selah, say “Yaaaaaay!”


Selah: Yaaaaaaaaaaay!

Who knows where that came from?  :D