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Rubric 2.04 Theme – quick fixes

Saturday, September 2nd, 2006

My download link was down for probably several days.  I didn’t get too many complaints, so … ;)

The download link is fixed now, and I think the theme is strong enough to remove the “this is still new, be wary” warning.

I also discovered that in the process of getting the theme to validate, I fixed one of the more severe IE display problems, so my subscribe widget is back at the top of the sidebar where I want it.  Yay!

The Rubric Theme page has been updated again.

WordPress sandbox on Ubuntu

Thursday, August 31st, 2006

I finally got the WordPress software (that I use to publish this website) installed on my local computer.  It’s in a nice sandbox, so I can turn it on whenever I want.  The issues I ran into were mostly permission-based errors, so I’m going to be learning more about setting and managing permissions.

Full write-up will come later.  The good news is, I can now test changes without subjecting you, my imaginary readers ;), to being the guinea-pigs!

It’s worth noting that command-line-use really makes things easy – if you already know what you’re doing!  If you don’t , welll….. :D

Rubric Theme: navigation fixed and files cleaned up

Monday, August 28th, 2006

Hopefully by the time you read this I will have uploaded the newly cleaned-up Rubric theme. Changes are minor:

  • Vkaryl came to my rescue again and fixed the navigation issue on single post pages, which was due to a few missing styles in the stylesheet.
  • extra images (not related to the theme currently) were removed.
  • sidebar has been added to single post pages.

I’m really happy to have a widgetized Rubric theme.  There’s a lot of work to be done to get my blog set up exactly how I want it, but that’s part of the fun too (at least for a geek like me).  :D

What do you think? Do you like it? Is it too complicated? What information do you want easily available on the front page. I’m all ears. :)

Rubric Theme – changes and more changes

Thursday, August 24th, 2006

List of what’s fixed, what needs to be fixed, and other changes to my blog:


  • Sidebar now displays (mostly) as intended, with each section / widget displaying in it’s own floating white box.
  • Sidebar shows up on single (post) pages.
  • Unfortunately, I think that’s it. :( But I *felt* productive!

Need to be fixed or added (please add to this list in the comments!):

  • Make sure Sidebar doesn’t extend past/over footer.
  • Next / previous hyperlinks on individual pages too close to header title.
  • Better integrated “pages” functionality (in header?).
  • rotating header capability.
  • more code cleanup, such as pulling out the sidenote javascript and extra images from the package.
  • Figure out how/if to have a different Sidebar (shorter, simpler?) for single post pages.

Other changes:

  • I created a cool widget, see it at the bottom of my sidebar. It has links to subscribe to my blog, and to explain what “subscribe to my blog” even means. :) It’s also got a way to get my new posts in your email, automagically! Yay for magic internet stuff!  (This was partially motivated by a reminder of a post from Robert Scoble, whose posts I keep running into lately.)
  • In order to make the cool stuff above happen, I cleaned up my feeds and autodirecting for my feeds. If you subscribed to this blog before tonight – No Worries! It will automagically forward you to the feed I want you to use (grin) so I can count how many people are (not) reading my blog. This means you don’t have to do anything! But I’m still excited about it…

I think that’s it, at least that’s all I can remember.  If the blog doesn’t look or work much differently as far as you notice, that should mean I’m doing a good job.  And if something’s broken, please tell me.  I’ll fix it if I can.