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Ubuntu install: I’ve been busy

I know I’m overdue on some more posts. They’ll be along shortly, but here’s a few reasons for my delay.

1) trying out new WordPress software. Conclusion so far: Awesome! Check out my new blog home, probably will end up permanently migrating though I will post several updates here when that happens.

2) Installed Ubuntu, which was also Awesome! However, had a few hiccups due to the PC I was using being very old, and somewhat broken. Everything is good now, however.

3) Finally got countertops installed, so we have an almost normal kitchen. (Pictures coming soon). Now just need to hook up sink and water, get a dishwasher, microwave, and put refrigerator in place….

4) Catching up on a sudden major load of work. This will keep me behind schedule for another week or so, probably. I’ll try to get posts up every day or two, though.

Lots to do still, but I should be back on track as far as regular posting. Thanks for stopping by. If you’re looking for puzzle posts, I’ve got a few coming your way very shortly.

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