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Why would a robot destroy itself?

Friday, October 20th, 2006

Watching a robot eat (or drink, in this case) until it dies is a disturbing, but valid, piece of art.  Coke plays a leading role in this artwork / video.

Why should you care?  Because this is a poignant commentary on today’s consumerism and where our “stuff” gluttony is taking us.  And because it’s fascinating watching a robot destroy itself.

We finally have furniture in our living room!

Friday, October 20th, 2006

Tessa checked it out – she approves. :)

Tessa asleep on couch
Here’s a nice clean view, hopefully we can keep our living room something like this for a while. ;)

New Sectional Sofa

So we finally got furniture in our living room.  We’ve been spending the last week enjoying every opportunity we find to lounge on our new seats.  :)