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MDA Roundup: in the Forums, last week…

Sunday, October 22nd, 2006

First, a quick run-down of recent blog posts, as well as mockups / idea developments of note:

Whistler – the music program for non-musicians – Another Whistler fan appears

My Dream App is getting closer final round – This MDA voter, not so big in Whistler.

Meanwhile, Whistler responds to requests from Judges and forum members to aim for simplicity and the consumer market, at least for now.

Portal has a three part series to wrap up it’s run, concluding with some of the best mockups yet and a clear vision from the contestant.  The special “Welcome screen” is an exciting new addition.
Atmosphere offers the most controversy on the board, with ardent defenders and detractors (possibly sparked by it’s runaway lead in last week’s semi-final vote). Mockups for the new forecasting feature are unveiled. This discussion of using a “time-slider” to move through the forecast is also provacative.

Hijack keeps it’s fans waiting, pushing anticipation until the last moment before the vote.  A mockup on how to post using Hijack is promised, but a video is hinted at.
Cookbook does a nice wrap-up of it’s core features and key benefits.  Recipe Management also underwent a few revisions to make the sidebar more friendly.
Blossom unveils several new mockups.  Ideas for rating individual webpages, a status icon, integration with OS X, and use of Leopard’s new To-Do list are presented.
Another voter weighs in with his pre-vote opinions.

Secondly, I have a surprise for you all.  I will be one of the judges in the final round, alongside some quite exciting and popular personalities.  So make sure, Monday or Tuesday (I think), to go to mydreamapp.com and vote (after reading the judges’ opinions, of course ;) ).  See you there!  If you have questions, just ask in the forums or here in the comments.