A Random Pattern

Short Story: Girl and raccoon

Note: In preparation for NaNoWriMo, I assigned myself a short story.  Promptly hitting writer’s block, I let my oldest daughter pick the characters and starting storyline.  So, enjoy.  Or skip these storytelling posts, your choice.  Either way won’t hurt my feelings!

She was sure they had been here. And she was not going to stand for it. No, she was going to catch them, if it took her all summer.

Where to start? She had never caught a raccoon before. Fireflies, roly poly bugs, and ants were pretty easy. Star (her cat) was easy to catch also – if mom and dad weren’t around. But that’s cause he doesn’t run much, she thought.

She thought about catching, and thought about cages. “That’s what I need!” she exclaimed to herself. “A cage made out of wood. With a trap door. And maybe some food inside.”  She spun, ran towards the garage.


She forgot to look first.  Again. The howling started immediately, and thunderous footsteps let her know mom or dad – or both – had heard the collision.

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