A Random Pattern

5 year olds tell the funniest jokes

Tessa learns another joke today at school.  She decides to share it when she gets home.  We aren’t used to expecting jokes to come rolling out of our little girl yet though, so it takes Sara a few minutes to understand what Tessa is trying to say.

Tessa: How does a cat shop?

Mom: I don’t know, how?

Tessa: with a cat-alogue!

Mom laughs, and Tessa is pleased with her “success”.  So, a few minutes later . . .

Tessa: How does a cow shop?  A cow-talogue!

How does a duck shop?  A duck-talogue!

How does a pig shop?  A pig-talogue!

How does ….

Tessa proceeds to run through every animal she can think of.  Talk about “milking” a joke!  ;)

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